Dynamic Sports Portraiture is here and we are beyond excited to offer this service to our clients. We take your athletes and teams and elevate them to a professional level. Look like a pro, play like a pro!

Now available on-location

to showcase individual athletes and teams.

We combine personality-driven images

with bold techniques to make your athletes and team look and feel PRO!

Welcome to your dynamic sports portrait session! We have combined our love of sports with our signature lighting and in-camera techniques to showcase YOU as the bold athlete you are!!!

You will be asked to arrive in uniform and have all of your equipment on hand. We will specifically be using your helmet, bat, batting gloves, glove, ect. 

We will begin promptly at 4pm with the full team photo which includes coaches. We will then begin individual portraits. You will participate in two action shots and one formal portrait. This is fun so expect to be yourself and showcase those athletic skills! !

Our time will be set up in stations with two photographers, Michelle and Lorenzo. Coaches may be asked to help assist with props, ect. When you are not being photographed we ask that you remain off the field for safety.

Photo releases will be emailed to each athlete's parent if under 18 and must be signed prior to the session. No photo release means no photos - no exceptions. The full $99 payment is due at the time of your session in cash or check.

Please direct any questions to Michelle or Lorenzo.

We are SO excited!

Michelle & Lorenzo